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Immer öfter begegnet man im E-Commerce Business regelrechten SEO-Schlachten um die Gunst der potentiellen Kunden. Es werden die Suchergebnisseiten von Google, Bing und Co. mit so viel Mühe und Fleiß gepflegt, dass man doch meinen könnte, SEO wäre im E-Commerce und vor allem bei den Shopsystemen mittlerweile vollständig angekommen.   Doch oft ist es der

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Wer neue Kunden gewinnen möchte – und zwar effektiv und effizient –, der kommt heute kaum noch am Thema Lead Management vorbei. Was hat es mit dieser Strategie auf sich und funktioniert Lead Management auch im E-Commerce?   Lead Management – Grundsätzliches Wer im Internet kauft, informiert sich zuvor meist auch online. Das gilt für

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It’s not everyday that you need to know what a configurable product’s resultant child product ID is on the frontend. But, if that’s you and you’re looking for a simple solution that doesn’t override core magento javascipt, you came to the right place.

Fortunately for us, the javascript object spConfig has everything we need to determine the child product ID based on what options have been selected on the product detail page. Below you’ll find the code. Let’s walk through it.

function getSimpleProductId() { var productCandidates = []; jQuery.each(spConfig.settings, function (selectIndex, select) { var attributeId ='attribute', ''); var selectedValue = select.options[select.selectedIndex].value; jQuery.each(spConfig.config.attributes[attributeId].options, function(optionIndex, option) { if ( == selectedValue) { var optionProducts =…
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Can't Add a new UI Component Type · Issue #5647 · magento/magento2:

An interesting side effect of the new XML schemas – the definition.xml files for UI components have their top nodes locked down, which means developers can’t add their own UI component types.

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Magento ist ein enorm erfolgreiches Shopsystem. Mit einem gemeinsamen Anteil der Community Edition und der Enterprise Edition von knapp 30 Prozent in 2015 und 2016 ist Magento Marktführer im E-Commerce. WooCommerce folgt dicht auf – ist aber nur unter dem Aspekt Verbreitung mit Magento vergleichbar. Qualitativ, funktional und leistungsseitig liegen Welten dazwischen. Einer der Gründe

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Wie erreichen Onlinehändler ihre Kunden, was müssen sie ihnen bieten? Wie können sie die Ansprache verbessern? Wir haben etliche Beispiele für die gelungene Umsetzung von Marketingtrends im E-Commerce, für hilfreiche Tools und spannende Technologien zusammengestellt. Die Beispiele stammen aus den Zukunftsthemen im E-Commerce 2016 von netz98, die man kostenlos herunterladen kann.   Marketingstrends im E-Commerce 2016

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Formatting Dates in Magento Javascript:

If you’re doing any work in Magento’s RequireJS based javascript modules and see a dateFormat string

defaults: { dateFormat: 'MMM d, YYYY h:mm:ss A' },

Chances are its a Moment.js date format string.

You can pull in the main moment function via a RequireJS shim

define(['moment'], function(moment){ });

And the mageUtils RequireJS library (an alias for mage/utils/main) appears to export a normalizeDate function that will convert Magento’s old custom date format into a Moment.js based format.

define(['mageUtils'], function(mageUtils){ momentFormat = mageUtils.normalizeDate(oldMageFormat); });
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Today we're going to talk about a new feature in Magento 2 -- UI Components. This may end up being a stand alone article, or it may be the start of a longer in depth series. I'm still figuring... Alan Storm
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Demystifying Plugins (MageTitans Italy 2016):

Concise explanation of the code involved in using a Magento 2 Plugin to change core system behavior, with the talk over here if you’re the sort who likes context.

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Am 4. und 5. Juli fand die 10. Meet Magento Deutschland statt. Im Vorfeld gab es bei dem Veranstaltern und der Organisation einige Veränderungen. Wir finden, dass hat dem wichtigsten deutschen Magento Event sehr gut getan und hoffen, es geht so weiter. Ein kleiner Rückblick auf zwei spannende Tage.   Früher musste man häufig ein Jahr und

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We’ve got the great feedback form you about our last Magento 2 wallpapers post. And as we promised, we have created new wallpapers this month. This time we used some classic pop culture characters to represent the leading positions of Magento products and give some respect to Magento Ninja Developers.

Bellow you will find 2 new wallpapers with several resolutions for desktops, laptops and lock screens for your phones. Need another image size? Just let us know in comments and we’ll make it for you.

Magento Is Prime: Magento_2_wallpaper_atwix_prime_preview Desktops:
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I’ve been digging through Magento’s UI Components this week and hit a stumbling block. The main KnockoutJS template that kicks off rendering (vendor/magento//module-ui/view/base/web/templates/collection.html) looks like this

<each args="data: elems, as: 'element'"><render if="hasTemplate()"></render></each>

This sort of thing is exactly where Magento hits the unsweet spot of being new, and using a technology I’m not super familiar with (KnockoutJS).

I’m pretty sure the HTML5 kids haven’t added there’s an <each></each> or <render></render> tag to HTML.

In my readings through KnockoutJS’s docs I discover that component bindings create custom tags, but some unfruitful searching through Magento’s code doesn’t show any obvious place where this has been done for an each or render tag.…

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am 6. Juli 2016 - 0:36

I just updated pestle with a new magento2:generate:ui:grid command. Magento 2.1+ only, not likely to be ported backwards to the 2.0.x branch. A longer article over on is forthcoming, but here’s the quickie version.

Here’s the arguments to use to create a UI Component Listing.

$ pestle.phar magento2:generate:ui:grid Which Module? (Pulsestorm_Gridexample)] Pulsestorm_ToDoCrud Create a unique ID for your Listing/Grid! (pulsestorm_gridexample_log)] pulsestorm_todo_listing What Resource Collection Model should your listing use? (Magento\Cms\Model\ResourceModel\Page\Collection)] Pulsestorm\ToDoCrud\Model\ResourceModel\TodoItem\Collection What's the ID field for you model? (pulsestorm_gridexample_log_id)] pulsestorm_todocrud_todoitem_id

The above assumes you’ve create a “To Do CRUD Model” by working through the…

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If you’re following along with Magento 2 development, you’ve probably heard the drum beat that the Model/Resource Model/Collections are old and tired, and the Repository classes are new and wired. While the move towards repositories is is a Good Thing™, a Magento 2 developers still needs to know the old CRUD system, and that CRUD system is likely to remain with us for a long time coming.

I was reminded of this recently as I took some time to dig into some changes in the UI Component feature in Magento 2.1. Most of (all of?) the Grid listings in Magento 2 still rely on collection models.

The pattern is a UI component configuration binds something called a data provider class

<argument name="class" xsi:type="string">Magento\Review\Ui\DataProvider\Product\ReviewDataProvider</argument>

This is the class responsible for returning the data a grid will use. These data providers extend a base Magento\Ui\DataProvider\…

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How Interceptors are Generated:

TLDR; The object manager appends Interceptor to the class name you asked for if there’s a plugin. Then a second PHP Autoloader will look for Interceptor at the end of a classes name, and if it can’t find a definition via normal means, the autoloader generates the class.

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User experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with your company, its services, and its products. It plays a critical role on your site in your overall customer experience and influences buying behavior.

Think of it as if you’re walking through a store. You’ve got a few items on your list and you want to get in and out fast. The store aisles are each labeled with numbers and a nice large sign that helps you quickly identify where you need to go and you’re able to get there quickly because the aisles are tidy and easy to navigate through. There are employees throughout the store to ask if you need help finding anything and greet you with a friendly hello and warm smile when you approach. You’re able to get everything you need on your list and even find a few additional items on sale in your quick trip. You go to the checkout and are again warmly greeted and get all your items rung up, bagged and paid for with ease. This is a good UX.