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This week I had a long standing to do item I was looking forward to tackling > Write a dead simple "Getting Started" tutorial for Magento/Composer/FireGento [FireGento]( are a group of European-centric Magento developers who run [a hackathon](, and... Alan Storm
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Zagreb is promising to be the top destination for region’s online retailers on April 25. Once again, he’s the host town for one of the biggest e-commerce conference in the regionOMGcommerce.

Among important regional names in online shop’s world, our CEO Tomislav Bilic is holding a presentation with one of the most famous names on OMG this year, Joann Johnstone – Operational Director for Zee & Co, multichannel, ladies and menswear designer fashion retailer based in the UK.

Presentation already caught the eye of many! It’s about overcoming e-commerce challenges and obstacles from clients’ and their…

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Reviews are another one of numerous excellent features in Magento. Usage of reviews can increase visitors’ trust in your brand, which, in return boosts your sales by a significant amount.

Sometimes there is a need for showing star ratings outside the products’ review page. That’s what I’ll be addressing with this article.

The following code snippet works just about anywhere you have a product loaded (or if you know it’s ID) – checkout being one of the examples.

<?php $storeId = Mage::app()->getStore()->getId(); $summaryData = Mage::getModel('review/review_summary') ->setStoreId($storeId) ->load(75); // ->load($_product->getId()); if ($summaryData['rating_summary']):?> <div class="ratings"> <div class="rating-box"> <div class="rating" style="width:<?php echo $summaryData['rating_summary']; ?>%"></div> </div…
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controller_front_init_before Technically, it’s resource_get_tablename, but the first usable event is controller_front_init_before. But this is also a bit of a trick question.  controller_front_init_before is ONLY triggered from the global area.  The first usable event in the frontend (or adminhtml) area is controller_action_predispatch.  core_locale_set_locale might also be a possibility because it is set when the area is loaded, but I … Continue Reading
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Although B2B eCommerce doesn’t garner the same buzz and attention of its B2C counterpart, it already accounts for more revenue ($559B vs. $252B) and is growing faster as well – 20% in 2013 vs. 12% for B2C. A key reason behind this explosive growth is the expectations of B2B buyers. Just as they’ve become accustomed to the ability to make retail and lifestyle purchases online, they’ve begun searching for a similar user experience when making business purchases. This has disrupted the B2B market significantly and consumerization is presenting complexities that B2B companies have never faced before. (Take a look at our friend Bill, who ran into the same problem.)

Best-in-class B2B eCommerce companies are growing and innovating so rapidly that they’ve already pulled far away from their competitors.  In fact, they’re about to lap them.  But it’s not too late to get in the race. Many B2B and B2C…

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Heartbleed Vulnerability has affected millions of sites that use OpenSSL using SSL/TCL bug. Is your Magento store Heartbleed safe? Find out how to detect if your store is affected or not. Also learn how to tackle the threat.

The post How To Secure Your Magento Store From Heartbleed Vulnerability appeared first on Magik.

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PayPas has so many different features that would be beneficial for any eCommerce business. For starters, PayPal integrates with Magento without a hitch. PayPal is easy to set up on your Magento Admin panel and can accept credit cards, debit cards, and Bill Me Later options. Checking out with PayPal is convenient for customers because there is no need to have a PayPal account in order to purchase your items, and if they do have a an account, they won’t even have to get out their wallets to have a quicker checkout experience.

Screen Shot 2014 04 18 at 10.59.58 AM The Benefits of PayPal


PayPal increase sales by 18%…

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Shopping for gifts can be a real dilemma. Just what do you give your customers the optimal option to gift their friends, families and others? Dear Magento store-owners, Gift cards is the solution: one size fits all, and the recipients can get exactly what they want from your store.   In this tutorial lesson , i will show you the ways to configure Gift Card, or all gift cards.

The Gift Card configuration establishes the default settings and code pool for all gift cards sold in your store. This post will cover two-sub-issues:

  • Steps to establish the gift card code pool
  • Steps to configure your store to sell gift cards

Let’s start!

Steps to establish the gift card code pool
  1. From the Admin menu, select System > Configuration.
  2. In the Configuration panel on the left, under Sales, select Gift Cards.
  3. Click to expand the Gift Card Account General Settings section.
  4. Complete the code…
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Recently, one of my blog readers has raised a question in the comments to my post Magento Grouped Poduct Type: Is there a way to direct a customer to the grouped product when he clicks a link to the associated simple product?

The answer is, of course, yes. For this task I’ve proposed to use the Observer Pattern, which I have already covered in one of my tutorials. In this post, I am going to present you a simple extension that performs the grouped product redirect using an observer.

The directory structure I need is simple:

app/ code/ community/ Solvingmagento/ GroupedRedirect/ Model/ etc/ Figure 1. Directory…
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Piwik - Login
Alle ham n Shop, keiner achtet auf seine Daten,
keiner hat mehr Bock auf Abmahnungen aller Arten.
Ja, so ist das in der Branche tagein, tagaus,
doch die offensichtliche Lösung heisst: Piwik, Piwik, Piwik.

Ok, zugegeben, die Einleitung ist schon sehr gewagt und nahe an der Unzumutbarkeit, aber das Thema verlangt dieser Tage große Aufmerksamkeit, also bediene ich mich mal dieses Mittels.
Es geht also um Piwik, genauer um die Verheiratung von Magento mit Piwik.
Doch kurz zuvor eine kleine Einleitung, was Piwik eigentlich ist und warum man vielleicht nicht unbedingt auf die große Alternative dazu setzen sollte.

Was ist Piwik?

Piwik ist nach Google Analytics das in Deutschland am meisten verwendete Webanalytik-Werkzeug. Immerhin 16,1 % (Stand 03. März 2014,…

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I often like to compare real world store examples and practices when I work on usability and conversion rate optimization for ecommerce sites. It’s the easiest way to understand why people act the way they do on your site, why they convert or abandon, why they do mistakes, what they don’t understand… When you have all the insights needed it will be easier for you to make assumptions and A/B test cases to start working on your CRO – conversion rate optimization.

Do you like standing in long lines while you shop your groceries at the supermarket? No? Well, neither do your customers. The wealthier society, the lower frustration tolerance. We are used to get what we want without much effort. Anything that is boring, difficult, needs time and effort in order to be achieved generates frustration. The bottom line is that the more complicated your checkout process is the more time is needed for your customers to finish their order and if you hit your customers’…

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bill thomas optarosOptaros is proud to welcome Bill Thomas to our team as a new Client Partner. Bill has over 8 years of experience launching and supporting immersive eCommerces experiences for exceptional brands. I sat down with Bill to pick his brain on a few key questions that eBusiness professionals everywhere are asking:

What do you see as the most impactful digital commerce trends to arise in 2014?

Mobile payments are going to be the fastest growing segment in eCommerce.   In particular, the explosion in Mobile Proximity payments is going to have a profound impact.  Mobile Proximity payments refers to using Near Field Communications (NFC) to pay by tap.  By 2017, mobile payments in the US will be a $90B USD market with Mobile Proximity payments comprising $45B of…

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A common misconception we encounter daily from many of our prospective and current clients regards importing products into Magento. If you scour the web for information about importing products into Magento, you’re bound to find information telling you how “simple” and “easy” a Magento product import can be. True, there are a lot of extensions out there and instructions on how to complete these instructions yourself, but every product import into Magento is different, and more often than not, these extensions and instructions you’ll find out there won’t take your specific businesses requirements into consideration. Every business has a different product catalog that requires special attention to different and specific considerations and requirements.

Since there are so many unique aspects to every catalog, product imports in Magento can be convoluted and tedious – honestly, a product import should be handled by a Magento-certified developer to ensure a successful import…

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Dropdown login forms are not a feature many online stores use, but in some cases they could be quite useful UX feature. In this tutorial, I will explain how to create such a dropdown in a few minutes!

Let’s open app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/customer.xml and just add the line that’s highlighted.

<customer_logged_out> <!---<reference name="right"> <block type="customer/form_login" name="customer_form_mini_login" before="-" template="customer/form/mini.login.phtml"/> </reference>--> <reference name="top.links"> <action method="addLink" translate="label title" module="customer"><label>Log In</label><url helper="customer/getLoginUrl"/><title>Log In</title><prepare/><urlParams/><position>100</position></action> <block…
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In 2014 a newcomer to Magento is, all things considered, in much better shape than a newcomer was in 2009. While far from complete, the [developer's series]( (originally written by me, since updated by Magento staff) gives a developer... Alan Storm
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If it weren't copyrighted we might title this article "Chicken Soup for the Online Marketer's Soul." I know it's a bit cheesy. But this is practical, nourishing stuff, from an online money-making perspective. The article is all about giving you some rapid-fire bits of wisdom that will increase the performance of your website right away.

1. Always use a powerful, benefit-oriented headline.


read more

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is a great service that allows you to scale your AWS-based servers very easily. However, setting up SSL within an ELB is a bit tricky if you've never done it before. You can use just about any computer to do this, but if you have a web server with OpenSSL and some command line experience, that will make things easy.

Generate a Private Key

Your first step is to generate a private key. Keep this key private at all times, as it is used in tandom with your public key to decode secure data.

mkdir ~/ssl cd ~/ssl openssl genrsa 2048 > private.pemGenerate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Now you will use the private key you just generated to generate a CSR, which will be used to sign your secure certificate.

openssl req -new -key private.pem -out csr.pem

You'll be asked for some info to generate the CSR. Here is some sample data to follow to help you out with what goes where.

Also make sure to not set a…

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I spent three action-packed days at the Demandware XChange Conference in Miami Beach earlier this week, an event that brings together Demandware, its world-class clients, eager new prospects and a great group of LINK technology and solutions partners. Demandware put on a tremendous show that included great entertainment mixed with thought-provoking keynotes from the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and Harley Manning from Forrrester, insightful breakout sessions and interactive roundtables. 

I left the sunny beaches of Miami with four key takeaways I’d like to share:

Customer Experience Matters

Forrester Analyst Harley Manning spoke about how retailers have been thrust into a “world-class customer experience competition” that is driven by more choices, more information about those choices and even more ways to seek and share that information.  Manning called out that customer experience has a huge…

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Wir waren ja schon immer stolz auf unsere Magento Wareneingangs-Extension. Mit dem neusten Extension Update haben wir weitere Features ergänzt, die jeden Magento Administrator bzw. die Kollegen im Lager wunschlos glücklich machen sollten. Features im Überblick: Wareneingänge können direkt per … Weiterlesen →