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am 20. November 2014 - 13:39
Der Call for Paper der ist noch bis zum 17. Januar 2015 geöffnet. Genügend Zeit ein Thema für die nächste Meet Magento 2015 einzureichen. Unter anderem werden Vorträge zu den folgenden Themenbereichen mit dem Schwerpunkt Fashion gesucht: Mobile (speziell Tablet…Weiterlesen ›
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am 20. November 2014 - 13:03

How many Magento Certified Solution Specialists are there? Which country, city, solution partner hold the most badges and what are some of the trends that can be seen throughout the first 6 months of Magento’s latest official certification program? Check it out in the second State of Magento Solution Specialist Certification report by Inchoo.

Many things have changed in the three and a half months after I published the first report of this type. Back then Europe was in a slim lead over North America while USA accounted for almost half of all solution specialists worldwide.

Well, some things have clearly changed since July…

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am 20. November 2014 - 11:45
Read on for the next installment of “Meet the Team.” These quick interviews with each of our employees give us a chance to introduce all of our stellar talent we have working at Creatuity and give you a chance to match the person to a name. Up next is Garrett L., our new development intern.Background: I have an Associates Degree in Networking from Brazosport College. I’m now working on my Bachelors in Network Administration from Western Governors University.So Garrett, how long have you been working in eCommerce and development?This is my first time working in eCommerce and development. But am excited to start learning.What that in mind, what drew you to working in eCommerce and development?I wanted to get in on new technologies. Overall, this is something completely new to me.Do you have any particular skills you’d like to share?I like to understand everything I learn, so when I need to do it…
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am 18. November 2014 - 21:53

Just last week, Magento announced the release of Enterprise Edition 1.14.1. Of course, the eCommerce and Magento communities are very excited to upgrade to this new version, but not every e-store utilizes Enterprise Edition. Some sites rely on Magento’s free platform, Community Edition. What about the CE update? If you use CE for your site, then you are in luck. Within the next few weeks, Magento will release Community Edition 1.9.1! Watch our video detailing the new features or read onward to get an idea of what is in store for the new version:


Swatches have been added to product images. This is a great way to boost conversion rates while…

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am 18. November 2014 - 17:56

While eCommerce is now a common part of our society, it's still evolving so rapidly that it can still be quite exciting.  For example, I’ve written a few articles recently about Private Event Retailing (flash sales, daily deals, etc.), and how they’ve revived the “thrill of the find” in online shopping.  I’ve also discussed how eCommerce professionals could leverage some of the innovations that video game developers have perfected to enhance online shopping experiences.

Because of my interest in these areas, I was happy to happy to discover that there's a new app in town.  It’s called Peach. And Peach does something that many (including myself) never thought possible: It makes Flash Sales even more interesting and engaging than…

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am 18. November 2014 - 17:20

Recently, I posted about avoiding common coding problems. These practices can help to reduce debugging overall time. Even after common coding issues have been reduced, you are often still left with a need to debug more complex problems. These are the bugs that you either didn't write, which are sometimes buried in the core of the framework or application on which you are working (in our case, Magento), or that stem from incorrect or incomplete logic.


read more

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am 17. November 2014 - 11:00
Was macht man zur Weihnachtszeit um Kunden in den Shop zu locken? Rabatte, Gutscheine, Produkte die nur in einem bestimmten Zeitraum verfügbar sind, usw. … Das ganze könnte man zur Weihnachtszeit in einen Adventskalender verpacken. Für 89,90 € ist diese…Weiterlesen ›
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am 16. November 2014 - 16:58
  • Die neuen Versionen der Enterprise und (bald erscheinenden) Community Edition bringen ein großes Update.Ich schrieb einen Einstieg zum Testen von Magento-Extensions mit Tracis CI.
  • Magento Inc. veröffentlichte die Magento Enterprise Edition Auch wenn es der kleine Versionsnummernsprung  nicht vermuten lässt, handelt es sich hier um bedeutende neue Features. Hervorzuheben sind das Visual Merchandise Tool (nur für die Enterprise Edition) und ein vollständiges RWD-Theme sowie…
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am 16. November 2014 - 15:48

As already posted on MageHero we started the development of a seperate n98-magerun version for Magento 2.
We decided to create a complete new version and against some other options like to create a “clone command” or sperate lib inside the same phar file.

The purposes are:

  • The phar file will be too big (> 4MB)
  • The Magento 2 framework is too different
  • We need a clean development start
  • Maintenance!

If you like to test the current unstable development version you can checkout the existing source code on github.


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am 16. November 2014 - 3:11
So far [in this series]( we've stayed pretty focused on core Laravel concepts and their underlying implementation. However, this week we're going to go slightly farther afield and discuss some of the static method meta-programming used by Laravel's "Eloquent" ORM.... Alan Storm
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am 15. November 2014 - 13:45

Das E-Commerce Camp in Jena gehört weiterhin zu meinen Camp Highlights aus 2013 und 2014 – sehr spannende Themen und eine tolle bodenständige Organisation. Da lassen ich mir es auch dieses Jahr nicht nehmen etwas die Werbetrommel zu rühren.

Also bitte, liebe Magento-Community, lasst und dafür sorgen dass wir uns mal im größeren Kreis dort blicken lassen. Im Moment sind uns Oxid und Shopware was Themen und Manpower angeht um Welten überlegen. Reserviert Euch doch also mal den 12. bis 14. März 2015 (Donnerstag Abend, Freitag auf Samstag). Ein Ticket kostet 35 € – für die Übernachtung sorgt ihr selbst. Ingo und Ich freuen uns sehr Euch dort zu sehen!

Zur Camp-Seite

The post Es geht wieder nach Jena: E-Commerce Camp appeared first on…

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am 14. November 2014 - 21:18

This year we are busy working on challenging direct-to-consumer strategy implementations (D2C) for some major manufacturers and brands on a global level.

One existing case we recently have given a first sneak peak at the recent Magento Live conference in Munich was the first step of our joined work with HEAD, the well known global sports brand company.

HEAD, featuring many different sports divisions such as tennis, racquetball, swimming, diving etc. is a perfect and exiting example of the challenges such companies are facing today when trying to establish direct relationships to their end customers for the first time in their history.

Not only is this a technical challenge but primarily and organizational one, everything has to be build up from scratch, from hiring dedicated roles such as ecommerce responsible, customer support, marketing, content management, so specialist and business intelligence experts to the various business readiness tasks around content…

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am 14. November 2014 - 11:01

Recently, we have noticed an interesting issue in Magento Community Edition and decided to share our findings with our readers. There is no restriction on the product URL key duplicates in the Community Edition, so, multiple products can have the same URL key and the product URL path generation should handle it. This article is about how the URL path generation manages the duplicated URL keys, the issues that appear during that process and how to cope with all these problems.

It turned out that the duplicated URL keys can appear when there are products with the similar or the same names created. Magento creates the URL keys automatically, basing on the product name, and if this URL key was not manually set.

First of all, let’s create two products with the same URL key “test-duplicated-url-key”. In our sample data environment they get IDs 173 and 174. Let’s call the ID 173 the ORIGINAL and ID 174 the DUPLICATE further in this article. If…

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am 14. November 2014 - 7:25
Eine visuelle Produktdarstellung ist das A und O im Kaufprozess – und der Schlüssel für hohe Umsätze – nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit. Da Kunden die Produkte in Ihrem Online-Shop nicht anfassen können, spielen Produktbilder und -videos für die Optimierung der…Weiterlesen ›
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am 13. November 2014 - 19:10

It’s official: Magento has released Enterprise Edition 1.14.1! If you work with Magento, you know why this is cause for excitement. Some may be asking, “So what?” Yes, it’s an update, but this particular update comes with a lot of new features and additions, which will make Enterprise Edition much more powerful, efficient, and better than previous versions. How? Well, if you read onward, you can get a taste of what this upgraded version has to offer:



Swatches have been added to product images, so customers can see color, fabric, and other variations with a product. Essentially, when a customer clicks on a product, it takes them to the product page that displays the product, gives information, shows price, etc. Right now, there are not many options for…

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am 12. November 2014 - 11:36

Another community-driven Magento event is shaping up in Europe – this time Poland will welcome a great group of international speakers and attendees and our team will again be there to take the main stage.

Meet Magento Poland will take place on November 24th and 25th 2014 in Warsaw and to better prepare for this event, you should check out this interview with two Inchooers working hard to deliver some great content to everyone who will be there. 

Last year we had two speakers at this event, so we thought why not repeat that? This time around we have 4 people attending the event – our CEO…

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am 11. November 2014 - 16:46

Our CEO, Joshua W., and our Executive Vice-President, Jenna W., are attending PHP World! Josh has three presentations lined up this week, covering “A Successful Magento Project From Design to Deployment,” “Magento, Client, Budget, TDD – What You Can, Can’t, and Must Test,” and “The Care and Feeding of Magento Developers.”

We will be updating this page with presentation pictures and videos, presentation times, updates about the event, pictures of the event, and more. So, be sure to check this page throughout the week and next week to see all of the PHP World updates!

This post originally appeared on the website of Creatuity Corp. as PHP World Presentations and Updates. Please visit us at Creatuity.

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Hosting provider Cloudways (c) Cloudways 2014Der Cloud-Provider Cloudways hat mich zu einem Interview eingeladen.

Darin geht es unter anderem um die Stärken und Schwächen von Magento, welchen Herausforderungen Händler typischerweise begegnen müssen und was man sich von Magento 2 erhoffen darf. Zudem sprachen wir darüber, welche Performance- und Sicherheitsmaßnahmen man für Magento ergreifen kann.

Wie immer kratzt ein solches Interview nur an der Oberfläche aber ich hoffe, dass der eine oder andere aus dem Interview etwas mitnehmen kann.

Zum Posting:…

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am 10. November 2014 - 21:20

By Elisabeth M.

PHP World is finally upon us! Our CEO, Joshua W., and Executive Vice-President, Jenna W., took off to Washington DC this morning. Everyone in the PHP community is excited to learn what developers and different frameworks are working on.

Creatuity had so much fun at Meet Magento New York last month, and we hope to see some familiar faces from the Magento community at PHP World. This conference goes beyond Magento and will unite us with all types of PHP developers. Topics will span from Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla!, to Zend Framework, Magento, Symfony, and Laravel. Creatuity is excited to gain…

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am 10. November 2014 - 10:31
Auch im Jahr 2015 wird es wieder ein Netzwerken im Schnee geben. Vom 11.-14. Januar 2015 findet das Developers Paradice Winter Edition wie schon beim letzten Mal in Kaprun statt, organisiert durch die Netresearch AppFactory. Im Fokus der Vorträge wird…Weiterlesen ›