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am 19. September 2014 - 13:57

We are all aware of the Magento codebase size and its complexity. That is one of the reasons most people use full-fledged IDEs for Magento programming. Most answers regarding the “what IDE should I be using for magento?” or “what is the best magento development environment?” include big boys like NetBeans, Eclipse and PhpStorm. Since you’ve already read the title, you may be wondering: “what can a text editor like sublime offer me for my magento development?”. Vanilla installation? Not much, but with the help of a few plug-ins, well… Keep reading and you just may be in for a treat.

Package manager

If you’ve ever used Sublime text you have probably stumbled upon its package manager. It is a great tool that lets us choose from hundreds of available plug-ins and install them in no time. This is the foundation for sublime customization, and you should…

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Auf der Suche nach einem Verzeichnis für Magento Agenturen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Shweiz musste ich feststellen das es so etwas gar nicht gab. Deswegen habe ich die Plattform gestartet, um diese Lücke zu schliessen. Über 60 Agenturen…Weiterlesen ›
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So, I'm starting to build web apps on the next best thing, Firebase. That said, I'm coming from a formal PHP world involving Zend Framework, complex setups, continuous deployments, and other tools which are complex, but built for stability and structure. Well, none of that exists with Angular and Firebase, at least not yet. The closest thing I could find to it is Yeoman, which provides the much needed build tools to grunt your code and start providing some nice formality to an otherwise pretty haphazard & unorganized programming language. Here's how to get setup on Yeoman, setup Angular, and get going with some Firebase bindings together with AngularFire to make everything work pretty nicely together. These instructions are all for a Mac,…

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In Magento, the administrator can review the products separate from that of the customers. These Admin reviews & ratings play an important role to build trust with the customers. These ratings & reviews are like ‘Editor’s Choice’ or ‘Chef’s recommendations. These reviews and ratings add weightage to your product ratings. Here’s how you can enable […]

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When it comes to extending services to other countries or shipping your products to multiple countries, it is very important that you provide a drop down to your customers to choose a country they want. If you are planning to expand your region and go international, then you must add multiple countries for shipping. The […]

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Adding new attributes to the products is a great way to catch customer’s attention. The attributes like color, size and brand add some value to any online store. These attributes can be accessed quite easily in the Products view page. The trick however is to display them in the checkout page in the shopping cart […]

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There are many ways you can customize your Magento store. You can even move top left or top right links to another part of the page by making some change in the code. Here’s how you move them from one place to the other. First and foremost, login to your Magento admin panel. Navigate to […]

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With so many products, problems are bound to occur while adding products to your online enterprise. This requires some unique approach on the developer’s end for importing all the products into the online store. This task is quite smartly accomplished with the help of CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files. Essentially, a CSV file is a plain […]

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Schon seit geraumer Zeit befindet sich in unserem Downloadbereich die Magento Event Liste. Dort sind alle Events der jeweiligen Magento Version aufgelistet, mit Datei in der das Event zu finden ist sowie der Zeilenangabe. Diese Liste wurde nun überarbeitet und…Weiterlesen ›
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Creating a sidebar for best selling products can boost your sales and increase revenue. Magento does not offer any built-in feature to create sidebar for best selling products, but you can do this by making some changes in the code. Following is the process that will help you create a sidebar to display best selling […]

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In the beginning, Magento was one of the biggest PHP applications. The main purpose of that platform was to cover all needs of store owners being universal and flexible. So, store owners got a big and interesting e-commerce platform and developers got a big “battlefield” for their implementations. A lot of things have been changed from year to year: servers became more powerful, Magento much faster and the number of the platforms and developers has grown significantly as well as the extensions number. As a result, every store owner has a wide choice of solutions that might be implemented for their stores. Unfortunately, very often it’s hard to predict how good is some add-on for a specific Magento installation because of different reasons. You are installing first, tenth, thirtieth extension and then realise: the store is much slower than it was before.

That’s right, more features you have – more operations are necessary to be handled by…

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Zu den lästigen Aufgaben von PHP-Sicherheitsprüfungen zählt zweifelsohne die Prüfung auf eine unsichere PHP-Konfiguration. SektionEins, ein international tätiges Sicherheitsunternehmen mit Sitz in Köln, hat dankenswerterweise ein Skript erstellt das Systemadministratoren sowie Sicherheitsfachleuten hilft den Zustand der php.ini Konfigurationsdatei sowie alle…Weiterlesen ›
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Pricing the products appropriately and offering suitable discounts can prove to be great arsenals for the developers of an e-commerce store. Essentially, it should be noted that it is the discounts and various other sales offers that attracts the attention of the customers. In their search for their desired products, the buyers comb through various […]

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Customers wish to get all the information about a category or a product at one click without having to search more for it. This requires the online stores to support static block of information in place of dropdown menus. Basically, you would require that the categories displayed in the navigation are not too long and […]

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A while ago, we released the first version of iOS application for Middle Eastern favorite, award-winning daily deal site –

Our goal was simple – to create natural environment for iOS users to receive notifications about new deals and breeze through the process of exploring and shopping.

Even though features an adaptive site which performs superb on a variety of devices, iOS handcrafted experience will help users stay in touch with notification system that helps them be the first to get their hands on the great deals from Sheeel.

With the launch of both iPhone and iPad versions you can download for free on…

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All the products on your Magento store are stored in a category and these categories are in turn organized into root category. Root category is the top most level in the hierarchy of your online store. Sometimes, it so happens that in the development stage, users accidentally create root directories that they would never use. […]

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Payment module is the most critical component of any e-commerce store. A suitable Payment Gateway system not only validates and accepts credit card detail but also save the transaction ID along with other user detail in the order. With the help of Magento the developers can create custom payment modules that perfectly fit their requirements. […]

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Every store can have its own shipping & return policy. So, if you are handling multiple Magento stores, you can create different shipping rates & policies to suit your requirements. Here’s how you can create these shipping rates for the stores that you maintain. Login to your Magento account from the admin panel. Navigate to […]

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Many ecommerce stores imply some or the other taxes for their customers. To enable a smooth taxation feature on your store, you must have a robust tax calculation configured on your store. In Magento, you can set tax rules for various situation and criteria. The tax calculation system provided by Magento offers its developers a […]

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On September 29th, Optaros will join over 5,000 professionals at the Summit in Seattle, the country’s largest annual summit specifically for digital and multichannel retailers. As a proud event exhibitor, we’re excited to discover new ideas and build new relationships with some of the brightest and most innovative players in the digital retail world.

Our team of eCommerce experts will be at Booth #134. So schedule some time to meet with us if you’d like to chat about eCommerce, or get some expert insight into digital commerce technology, user experience, or strategy.

We’ll also be giving away a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine at our booth. Courtesy of Nestle (one of Optaros’ newest clients), the Dolce Gusto Machine is more than a typical pod coffee machine, allowing users make their own hot (and cold) coffeehouse drinks that go way beyond just coffee.  So if you’re into cappuccino, macchiato, or…