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Magento mastery… You’ve worked hard for it. Your Magento accomplishments have been hard-fought through blood, sweat and tears. Okay, maybe not blood, but almost certainly some sweat and tears.

Enter Magento 2. You’ve heard about all the great new features: a new marketplace for extensions, new deployment processes, and more dependency-injection than you can shake a stick at. Just like that, your so-called “mastery of Magento” is gone, right? WRONG. Magento 2 introduces some great new elements, but all of the things that made Magento 1 great are still around.

There are plenty of articles out there highlighting what’s new in Magento 2, but I’d like to examine what’s old.
These are the reasons you’re still a Magento master.

Now take a deep breath and let that apprehension over Magento 2 melt away.…

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am 25. Mai 2016 - 20:47
Today's a slight change of pace. We're going to a review a new Magento 2 book, [Theme Web Page Assets: Getting Stuff Done with Magento 2]( This book is part of Alan Kent's *Getting Stuff Done with Magento 2*... Alan Storm
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Die meisten traditionellen Maßnahmen, um sich von der Konkurrenz abzuheben, funktionieren heute nicht mehr. Es kommt nicht mehr nur darauf an, das beste Produkt oder den besten Kundenservice anzubieten, denn diese Leistungen sind häufig relativ austauschbar. Es hat eine neue Ära begonnen, in der sich Unternehmen digital neu erfinden müssen, in der sie darum kämpfen müssen, zu überleben.    Innovativ, disruptiv,

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Today we're going to cover a few of the advanced features of Magento's routing system, and discuss the history of some seemingly acute sharp edges. While all the techniques available in this article may not be the best way... Alan Storm
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In the end of April (holy crap, already a month ago!), I attended the Magento developers paradise for a second time. The last one I attended was the one in Mallorca in the summer of 2013. This time, the conference was in a beautiful village at the coast of Croatia – Opatija. Getting there was not the … Magento Developers Paradise 2016 Review weiterlesen
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Here at Classy Llama, we’ve been hearing rumors that people are going to extreme measures to get their hands on their very own limited edition 2016 Louie the Llama. We get it – he’s cute, and soft and makes an excellent desk companion. So, while understandable, it’s completely unnecessary to lurk around your friends and co-workers with the hope their llama will miraculously fall into your hands. Your love for Louie shouldn’t cause undue stress, and your attempts to get one shouldn’t result in bodily harm (yours or someone else’s).

To help relieve the demand of obtaining your own Louie, we’ve stocked our IRCE booth with plenty of them. No back-alley deals or sneaky swipes necessary. You (and your llama) can sleep better at night knowing your own Louie was secured in a friendly, non-black market way.

We hope to see you at IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition) in Chicago, June 7-10. You can find us at booth #937.

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Last week we visited Meet Magento Netherlands and what a great event it was! Organizers (kudos to each and every one of them) chose a green and cosy city named Utrecht. Right upon arrival we were blown by the numbers of bicycles in the streets. It really seemed at times that there were more bicycles than people in the city!


Meet Magento Utrecht

The event took place in Media Plaza, a building with quite a few great conference rooms of different sizes and bright colours, that all helped create a special mood and atmosphere. Thanks to the sponsors for making this event happen, as well as for some nice swag, like T-shirts, toys,…

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Nicht nur die Technik, die hinter einem Online-Shop steckt, spielt eine Rolle, auch die Gestaltung der grafischen Oberfläche darf keinesfalls vernachlässigt werden. Das Design hat große Auswirkungen auf die Conversion-Rate, die Kundenbindung, die Wiedererkennung, sogar auf die Usability … kurz auf die Zufriedenheit der Nutzer. Ohne ein nutzerfreundliches Design funktioniert ein Online-Shop genauso wenig wie

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Magento 2: Set a PHP umask:

It sounds like the latest version of Magento adds the ability to set a umask for PHP, which means another barrier to getting Magento up and running in industry standard, mod_php system (i.e. shared hosting and your laptop) has been knocked down. Looking forward to giving this a try when I have a moment. I know Miguel Balparda and Nexcess have been working hard to get something like this through, so give the a beverage or a hat tip the next time you see them.

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am 17. Mai 2016 - 8:28

Schon vergangene Woche hatten wir einen Gastbeitrag von Constantin Wollenhaupt, in dem das Potenzial des Online-Marktplatz-Modells für attraktive Einkaufskonditionen und als Vertriebschance insbesondere für KMUs beleuchtet wurde. Heute sprechen wir mit Birthe Udsen, CEO und Mitgründerin des dänischen, oder eher europäischen, B2B-Online-Marktplatzes StockonDeals. Auf der Plattform werden vor allem Überkapazitäten und reguläre Artikel in den Bereichen Consumer Electronics,

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Now that we know how to create [Access Control List Rules](, and how to generate [Admin Menu Items with Magento 2's CSFR protection](, we're ready to create an MVC/MVVM URL endpoint (i.e. an HTML page) in Magento 2's admin.... Alan Storm
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am 14. Mai 2016 - 3:03
Magento 2: Sort Order gets Weird for "Around" Plugins:

Interesting bit of insight from Anton Kril on plugin firing order. My naive assumption on how this would work was

  • All before plugins fire
  • The around plugin chaining happens
  • All after plugins fire

However, based on what Anton’s said here, it sounds like an around plugin will fire before a before plugin if it has a lower sort order that the before plugin. Beyond the trickiness of following a chain of execution, this has extra implications for an around plugin that decides to skip the call to $proceed() – not only can it cancel the actual method call, it can also cancel other calls to before plugins as well.

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If you grab the latest version of pestle (updated minutes ago) you should be able to use the following set of commands to create a base module with a working admin route.

$ pestle.phar generate_module Pulsestorm HelloAdminPestle2 0.0.1 $ php bin/magento module:enable Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2 $ php bin/magento setup:upgrade $ pestle.phar generate_route Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2 adminhtml pulsestorm_hello_admin_pestle2 $ pestle.phar generate_acl Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2 Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2::top,Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2::menu_1 $ pestle.phar generate_menu Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2 Magento_Backend::system_other_settings Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2::a_menu_item Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2::menu_1 "Hello Admin Pestle" pulsestorm_hello_admin_pestle2/index/index 1 $ pestle.phar generate_view Pulsestorm_HelloAdminPestle2 adminhtml pulsestorm_hello_admin_pestle2_index_index Main content.phtml ""

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Scheduled background processes are important in any large system. Clean ups and keeping cache and indexes up to date allow to keep your system healthy, while some processes are simply need to be stretched in time in order to avoid high system load, memory leaks or certain services overload (massive emails sending). Setting up a cron job for such processes and for the processes that should be repeated from time to time is always a good idea. In this blog post we will describe how to set a certain part of code as a cron job in Magento 2.

Let’s create file, which contains the code we need to execute. It could be called whatever you want and placed anywhere within your extension. But it will look more neat if you put it in “Cron” directory of your extension. It should look like this:

<?php /** * path: * magento2_location/app/code/Vendorname/Extensionname/Cron/MyCronTask.php */ namespace Vendorname\Extensionname\Cron; class MyCronTask…
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Magestead - The Vagrant Solution for Magento Developers:

Magestead just released version 2.0, with support for Magento 2. Another vagrant box to checkout if you’re looking for a way to get a sane Magento 2 enviornment up and running.

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Gastbeitrag von Constantin Wollenhaupt    Alle reden über eCommerce, aber der B2B-Vertrieb lebt im Bereich der Neukundengewinnung oft noch in den 90ern, wenn man von den alltäglichen Produkten und Dienstleistungen für Unternehmen ausgeht. Gerade große und traditionelle Marken haben es schwer, an die vielen kleineren Unternehmen heranzukommen. Da bei den Großkonzernen immer weiter gespart wird, ist

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While phrases like “should we be be doing this in 2016” abound in engineering discussions, down in the trenches an arbitrary SQL query is often the fastest, most expedient way to get at the data you want. While I still regularly encourage developers new to Magento to embrace using the models and API resource models when they’re not sure where to find a piece of data, for more experienced developers sometimes a good old fashioned SQL query is the right choice.

If you’re in that situation, something like the following should serve you well

<?php namespace Package\Namespace\Helper class Someclass { protected $resourceConnection; public function __construct( \Magento\Framework\App\ResourceConnection $resourceConnection ) { $this->resourceConnection = $resourceConnection; } public function working() { $db = $this->resourceConnection->getConnection(); $result…
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Im Rahmen meiner E-Commerce-Beratung komme ich nicht selten in eine Situation, in der ich den Shop-Betreiber oder E-Commerce-Verantwortlichen an den Schultern packen und ordentlich durchschütteln möchte. Einfach, um ihn wach zu rütteln, ihm die Augen zu öffnen und ihm klar zu machen, dass das Ausruhen auf einst erarbeiteten Lorbeeren vorbei sein muss: Der Markt, die

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Two good Stack Exchange answers from Raphael at Digital Pianism covering how to add a custom icon to your Magento Admin Menu Items.

In short – these menu items use a custom font character, defined in svg file that’s (somehow? via LESS CSS?) converted to an embedded OpenType font. This custom font uses the Private Use Area of Unicode…

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In [the first article of this series](, we described how to create a simple MVC/MVVM endpoint in Magento 2. Implicit, but unstated, was that we were setting up an endpoint for Magento's **frontend** cart application. While the backend admin... Alan Storm