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Join us in Las Vegas as we mark the tenth anniversary of the conference.

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Getting Started with Magento Page Builder

Not Your Grandfather’s WYSIWYG Editor

For those of you coming to this article with zero experience in Page Builder in Magento 2, here is a brief introduction to what Page Builder is. Page Builder is a drag and drop interface for creating richly styled, dynamic content, without needing to write any CSS, JavaScript, or HTML. This makes Page Builder a perfect utility for merchants who want to create good looking dynamic content without needing to employ an in house developer or pay an agency to build, style, and maintain content for them. Page Builder branches out from more traditional WYSIWYG editors by adding custom content types in addition to your basic text styles. These are the content types included in Page Builder out of the box.

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Building a new eCommerce web store, or upgrading an old one? The challenge is to find a good eCommerce web development agency. Although there are handy tips for choosing an eCommerce development agency, sometimes it is difficult to come up with a set of questions to ask the agencies, so that you can compare them...

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I’ve recently allowed my open source time to become monopolized by a bunch of data scraping and analysis. I managed to pull together around 3400 composer.json files for Magento modules hosted on packagist. My primary interest was in their autoloader section, but then I remembered Magento’s toying around with using Composer’s nebulous extra field field for things. The intention of this field is to hold data available for composer’s script commands, but it turns out it gets overloaded for a lot of different things. Here’s some of what I found. Maps The map section looks like this "extra": { "map": […]
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Best practices to ensure that your teams are taking advantage of the full potential of Page Builder

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Four diverse businesses found a common solution by integrating Magento Commerce with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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Nearly 3.5 billion people around the world use social media to find new brand and make eCommerce purchases. Make sure your product information is on point if you want to sell on social. 

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Händler und Shopbetreiber die Magento Commerce 2.2.X verwenden, sollten sich über zwei kritische Endtermine für den Support im Klaren sein, die sich auf die Sicherheit und Kompatibilität Ihrer Website auswirken.

Der Beitrag Magento Commerce 2.2.x Support endet in Kürze erschien zuerst auf

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Eben haben wir eine Extension veröffentlicht mit der es möglich ist verschiedenen Administratoren (-Gruppen) differenzierte Sichten auf Kundendaten im Backend des Magento-Shops zu geben. Hiermit geben wir Shopbetreibern und Datenschutzverantwortlichen eine technische Möglichkeit die Dateneinsicht durch „Unbetroffene“ feiner zu gestalten als es Magento im Standard zulässt und somit diesbezüglich Artikel 25 DS-GVO nachzukommen. Mehr Informationen...
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In einem neuen Projekt brauchten wir eine QnD-Lösung, um die Zahlart „Vorkasse“ (bzw. Bank Transfer) im Frontend auszublenden, sie aber im Backend als mögliche Zahlart für die Erfassung durch einen Admin zuzulassen. In Magento 1 war dies relativ einfach zu erreichen. In Magento 2 ist dies aber deutlich schwieriger. Wir haben hierzu eine Mini-Extension geschrieben,...
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Für ein B2E-Projekt brauchten wir eine Möglichkeit bei einem 1.9er Magento-Shop zu definieren, dass Mails an eine bestimmte Domain (z.B. nicht verschickt werden sollten. Da wir die SMTP-Pro-Extension von ASchroder im Einsatz haben, lag es nahe diese anzupassen, um das gewünschte Ergebnis zu erhalten. Im ersten Schritt nehmen wir die app/code/local/Aschroder/SMTPPro/Model/Email/Template.php Hier fügen wir...
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Avoid Abandoned Revenue with Abandoned Cart Emails

If a shopper stood in line at a retail store, ready to make a purchase, and walked away once they reached the cashier—leaving the merchandise on the counter—you’d hope a store associate would ask, ‘did you forget something?!’ For eCommerce, it should be no different.

In a world filled with endless distractions and digital storefronts that remove human interaction from the shopping experience, it’s no surprise that nearly 70 percent of online carts get abandoned.

Abandoned cart emails help you reconnect with the shoppers who displayed interest in purchasing your products, while gently nudging them across the virtual checkout line. These emails…

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Schon lange war das Thema „Cookies“ heiß diskutiert. Inwieweit müssen Nutzer über verwendete Cookies informiert werden und vor allem WANN und WO. Reicht es einen Cookie-Hinweis beim Aufruf der Seite wie z.B. „Diese Seite verwendet Cookies – weitere Infos gibt es in unseren Datenschutzinformationen“ anzuzeigen? Ansich war der Zug in diesem Augenblick ja schon abgefahren...
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First of all, what is declarative schema in Magento 2? It is a new way of working with database without developers having to write various scripts for each new module version. It was introduced in 2018 with Magento 2.3 and it’s one of the major changes. In this article you will learn how to use...

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We are proud to share that our lovely client Zee & Co, an independent fashion retailer operating from the UK, but selling globally through their Magento online store, won Best Mobile eCommerce Award 2019 at prestigious eCommerce Expo & Awards ceremony in London this Wednesday (September 25). Read on to find out more about these...

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Wir hatten es in der Vergangenheit immer wieder, heute erneut und da möchte ich doch ein paar Worte dazu schreiben. Das Thema: Domain-Wechsel bei einem Magento-Shop. soll zukünftig unter erreichbar sein. Die URLs (wie Kategorien, Produkte, Seiten etc.) sollen aber alle gleich bleiben. So soll zukünftig unter erreichbar sein. Was muss...
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A few years ago the nice people at Amazon started to offer unlimited cloud storage for Amazon Prime customers on their so called Amazon Drive service. A lot of people, including me, jumped on board – I mean it was unlimited storage – with emphasis on the UNLIMITED.

This was great – for about a year, lots of people were boasting about the many, many, many Terabytes of data they had stored on Amazon Drive. For me it was a perfect solution to my cloud backups. I subscribed to ODrive and synced all my working data to Amazon Drive.

Then one day Amazon announced that Amazon Drive for Prime customers would no longer have unlimited storage, and would no longer be free. In fact 1TB of storage would cost $99.99 per year. They had dangled a nice free juicy worm in front of me, I had bitten and now I was well and truly hooked – hook line and sinker.

What choice did I have? All my data was already stored on Amazon Drive so I…

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At the time when new technologies are emerging almost every week, it is quite difficult to keep up with everything that helps us grow. In almost every field, digital marketing has triumphed over traditional advertising channels, and this is especially true in data gathering and measurement. Today, with the rise of machine learning, we are...

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As robots get more affordable and accessible for a wider range of companies, logistics providers are finding innovative new ways to incorporate them into their operations in order to help shippers run streamlined, industrial automated supply chains.

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Five Essential Components of Successful eCommerce Search

Having an effective on-site search strategy is more important than ever for today’s online retailers. According to a blog by Econsultancy, 30% of users on eCommerce sites will utilize the search bar and conversion rates through site search can be up to 50% higher than average.

Regardless of whether you engage in B2C or B2B eCommerce, today’s shoppers are savvy and have high expectations. It is important for every online seller to provide their customers with meaningful and satisfactory search experiences.

Here are five vital elements that every eCommerce on-site search tool should have in order to increase…