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Get to know Magento Master TJ Gamble, CEO & Founder at Jamersan

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Get to know Magento Master Riccardo Tempesta, CTO at MageSpecialist

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Get to know Magento Master Guido Jansen, Senior Digital Consultant & Customer Experience Optimization Specialist at Vaimo

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Der Schrecken des End-Of-Life (EOL) des offiziellen Magento-Supports geht ja schon seit einigen Jahren um und so langsam nähern sich das Ende des offiziell unterstützten Magento 1 – Systems auch wirklich. Wie meinem vor einiger Zeit verfassten Artikel “Have I told you lately that I hate Magento 2?”, welcher viel direkte und indirekte Rückmeldungen brachte,...
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In einer Magento 1.9-Installation hatten wir gerade das Problem, dass es nicht möglich gewesen ist irgendeine Änderung bei den Zahlungsarten vorzunehmen. Egal was wir ändern wollten nach dem Versuch zu Speichern kam immer die Fehlermeldung “Wrong field specified.”. Es spielte dabei keine Rolle, ob man den Namen eine Zahlart ändern wollte oder eine Zahlungsmethode aktivieren...
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Für ein Projekt war es vor einigen Tagen notwendig über den Dataflow Export die Produkte des Shops zu exportieren wobei die Notwendigkeit des Exports von „Created at“ und auch „Updated at“ gegeben war. Der Magento Standard Export bietet zwar an diese Felder in der Feldauswahl zu verwenden, diese sind in der Export-Datei dann aber leer....
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Get to know Magento Master Vijay Golani, VP of Development and Magento U Trainer at Wagento

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Get to know Magento Master Rebecca Brocton, Lead eCommerce Specialist at Jaguar Land Rover

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Here are six common signs that indicate a business should revisit its current operational workflows and evaluate how leveraging a lightweight product information management solution (built with the power and performance demands of large-scale enterprises) can help them scale and grow. Read more.

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Get to know Magento Master Joseph Maxwell, CEO at SwiftOtter, Inc.

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Today we a proud to release a brand new version of the CLI tool. This is the biggest release since years. We added new commands, refactored the complete code base, upgraded components, merged PR with bug fixes and improvements.

Please read carefully this blog post before you decide to upgrade. The new release is a Major Break. That’s why the major version number was increased.

New Features Webapi Integration Commands

Four new handy commands were added to handle webapi integrations.

integration:createCreates a new integration.integration:deleteDelete an existing integration.integration:listList all existing integrations.integration:showShow details of an existing integration.

The commands are useful if you want to create integrations without the need to login to the Magento…

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The large majority of Magento stores globally are still running on an outdated and unsupported PHP version. If you are on anything below version 7.2, chances are you are missing out on some performance improvements. However, more importantly, you are exposing your store to an increased risk of potential exploits. Why is this important? Why...

The post 90% of Magento websites are running on unsupported PHP versions. Why is this a problem and how can you (we) solve it? appeared first on Inchoo.

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From commerce trends, to eCommerce case studies, to low-cost ways to grow your small business, our readers were passionate and immersed in a number of different digital commerce topics in 2019. Read more.

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Looking for the right website development agency can be very difficult. Although there are some handy tips when searching for the right eCommerce web development agency, one of the most underrated questions is: How to recognize an agency that wants to be a partner? Let’s explain why this question is essential. There are two types...

The post How to recognize a true partner among web development agencies? appeared first on Inchoo.

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Google Smart Shopping – Experiences from an Expert

Smart Shopping Campaigns originally launched its general availability at the Google Marketing Live event in July 2018. Smart Shopping is a new campaign type that pulls data from the product feed and tests various combinations of the image and text provided, ensuring the most relevant products are displayed across Google networks. These networks include the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail. Using historical data from standard Shopping Campaigns, Smart Shopping campaigns automatically maximize the conversion value within a budget.

In the campaign settings, you can set a target return on ad spend, or ROAS, (For more about ROAS check out our calculator here) or CPA (cost per…

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Say goodbye to the complex and time-consuming process that you experience when listing products on Amazon. Read more.

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Did you know that customers are more likely to land on a category or a product page of your Magento store than on the homepage? Nevertheless, the homepage remains an essential part of an eCommerce store for many customers who start their shopping process. It also acts as an anchor to refer back to throughout...

The post Best practices for Magento homepage design appeared first on Inchoo.

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Last week I had the good fortune to visit Montreal and attend the Node+JS Interactive conference, 2019 edition. It’s nice being able to attend a conference anonymously without the expectations that would materialize whenever I attended Magento’s Image conference. These are just some quick high level thoughts on the talks I attended — if time allows I’ll come back and post video links when/if they appear. Getting Started with gRPC and JavaScript This was one of two talks made by Colin Ihrig — Colin does a great job of breaking down a complex technology and giving you the right chunks […]
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Although eCommerce is still a relatively small part of overall retail sales, online shopping is growing for both business and consumer buyers. In this edition of “Mind-Blowing Stats,” we take a look at the state of eCommerce, how and how much people and businesses buy online, and what eCommerce trends to expect in the future. Read more.

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Magento 2.4.0 wird das nächste Minor-Release nach der Veröffentlichung von 2.3.0 am 28.11.2018. Das Erscheinungsdatum ist noch nicht bekannt. Für ein Release würde sich zeitlich die Konferenz Magento Imagine Ende März / Anfang April 2020 oder ein zeitgleiches Erscheinen mit Version 2.3.5 am 28. April 2020 anbieten.


Mit der Öffnung des 2.4-develop Code-Branches begann Magento am 5.12.2019 für die Öffentlichkeit den Fokus auf das nächste Minor Release.

Geplante Features

Es gibt viele Gerüchte, welche zuvor angekündigten oder noch nicht bekannten Funktionalitäten in Magento 2.4.0 Einzug halten. Ich beschränke mich hier auf Informationen, die von Magento öffentlich bekannt gegeben oder mir persönlich bestätigt wurden.

Hochperformante GraphQL-Storefront

Was genau darunter zu verstehen ist, ist aktuell noch nicht…