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Compare some of the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses and enterprises. Pros and cons of Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more. Find the best eCommerce solutions for your online store.

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A new bugfix release is available. The release contains important fixes.

Changelog 3.0.2
  • Fix: #299 config:get, fix –scope-id=0 filtering (by Jürgen Thelen)
  • Fix: #308: cache:clean, add handling of invalid cache types (by Jürgen Thelen)
  • Fix: #417: Prevent fatal error during Magento Init
  • Fix: #414: Hide typed password in password change dialog
  • Fix: #413: sample:deploy PRE_COMMAND_RUN issue on Magento 2.2.6 (by JDavidVR)
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Magento 2.3 GA release has finally landed. It is one of the most awaited releases that Magento ever had, and it is a thrilling moment for us at Atwix. Not only our clients can now benefit from all the new features that are available in 2.3, but also we can now see live features that our team developed working closely with other community contributors as well as Magento Community Engineering team.

Currently, Atwix is #1 contributor to Magento in 2018. Among all the projects that Atwix has greatly contributed to, the one we are especially proud of is Multi-Source Inventory (or MSI as we all call it).

In this article, I want to share with you what Multi-Source Inventory in Magento 2.3 is and review its main features so…

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The rise of eCommerce has put extra emphasis on convenience and shipping. While the two go hand-in-hand, shipping has become an essential component in successful businesses. Here are the 8 Things You Need to Know about eCommerce shipping.

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With the demise of Magento 1.x on the horizon – Adobe announced in September 2018 support for version Magento 1 will cease in 2020 new life has been breathed into the product with version

Magento Open Source v1 covering Magento versions up to 1.9.x is still the eCommerce platform for many small businesses and whilst we all know we need to move to Magento 2 the time and resources required to migrate a successful v1 shop to v2 are for many people prohibitive.


The original system requirements for Magento 1 were based on PHP5. Magento 1 users were forced to stay with an operating system that distributed PHP5, a PHP upgrade would break Magento. There were unofficial patches available that would make Magento compatible with later versions of PHP but I was always wary of applying unofficial…

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We released a new major version of n98-magerun2.
Why a new major version? We dropped the official support for Magento 2.0 which is already end of life. We also decided to drop support for PHP 5.6 which will also be end of life to the end of the year. More informations can be found in our previous post.

No official support means that we do not test anything anymore to be compatible with Magento 2.0. Maybe the most of the tool can run in this old version but we will not fix anything. If you need support for Magento 2.0, please install the latest compatible version 2.3.3. All old phar files can be found in our release archive.

Please not that the recommended way to use n98-magerun2 is by executing a phar file. We know that the…

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Results show Paypal Express and PayPal Credit can increase your conversion rate and average order value. 

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Get to know Hirokazu Nishi, CTO of Veriteworks Inc.

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In order to add a custom layout handle to category page, a (basic) Magento 2 module with these additional files and their content is needed:

1. The events.xml file to “subscribe” to the event and say which observer should be fired
2. An observer that adds a new layout handle to the page
3. A layout file that adds needed changes to the page

The long story


This post assumes the reader is familiar with Magento 2 modules and how they work. If not, it is highly recommended to…

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Get to know Fabian Schmengler, software developer, trainer, and consultant at integer_net

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This holiday weekend was the largest online shopping period of all time

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It’s not a secret that every good vacation needs some planning. But this article is not about the place to go to, how to get the cheapest tickets or what stuff to take. This one is on how to prepare yourself mentally and what preparations to take before leaving your team or company for a vacation period and come back with minimum or no setbacks.

You see, no one wants to waste those one or two weeks in stress worrying on how it’s going out there in the office. And what if you are leaving for more, maybe a month? How to come back and be sure you will be able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle, how to save yourself from seeing all those nightmares where your clients leave you with angry complaints or even worse, where you get fired. If you’re one of those who care about the things mentioned above, take a comfortable seat, a snack and check the list of possible steps to take.

The Introduction:

Before getting down to this article I checked among my…

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Customer Experience Futurist to speak at #MLAU

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The Right Customizations Will Increase Your Site’s Revenue Per Visitor

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 David Alger

His stature has him towering well above the other llamas that surround him at Classy Llama. And his worn, size 13 cowboy boots show he’s more than willing to dig in when you need to simply get things done!

David Alger started his time in the Magento Community with Classy Llama nearly a decade ago. Over that time he applied his passion for all things technology and his brilliance related to systems engineering and development to drive forward several Classy Llama agency practices. While he stands heads above other llamas, his imposing presence is quickly softened when you discover that behind his brilliant mind is a heart of pure gold. It is not uncommon to hear David discussing web application firewalls (WAFs) in the same conversation as a story of how he can’t stop buying stuffed…

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Powerful Enhancements for the merchant and developer experiences

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JavaScript bundling is an optimization technique you can use to reduce the number of server requests for JavaScript files. It is achieved by merging multiple JavaScript files together into one file to reduce the number of page requests. By default, Magento 2 allows excluding the particular JavaScript files from bundling by specifying the corresponding file in exclude node of the etc/view.xml file for a theme. However, sometimes it’s not enough.

Let’s imagine we need to disable the JavaScript bundling for the particular page due to the specifics of its implementation. Or, for example, this is just a temporary solution in case you don’t want to disable the JavaScript bundling for the whole website while investigating and trying to fix some issue appeared on some page after enabling the JavaScript bundling. There is a simple and quick solution for such purpose. However, it requires a little bit of coding.

The default asset config class Magento\Framework\…

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For an amazing B2B e-commerce website, you need to consider your customers’ needs. From site speed to content, we break down the top 10 must-have for your site.

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Hello, I will be glad to share with you a few interesting tools that I use in QA work to make developer’s life a little bit more difficult.

As we all know developer’s life is hard. But we have QA to make it harder. We try to find problems or break something that developer has created. Let me tell you about tools that help me with it in manual web application testing.

To start with, the browser is the main tool which WEB QA uses for his work.

I prefer two browsers and they are Google Chrome and Safari. Google Chrome(GC) is a good choice because it’s popular and it has a huge amount of different plugins but it’s a little bit heavy for the system. Another one is Safari, it’s very fast for web surfing, but it doesn’t have as many useful plugins as GC. Regarding the rest of less popular browsers such as Opera or IE we have a great service “BrowserStack”. There’s more information about it down below.

As you have already understood, the main tool…

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eCommerce SEO has the ability to increase visibility and drive potential sales to your B2C or B2B website. These are the cornerstone to any successful eCommerce website. Use these 15 Tips to Boost Traffic.