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am 10. Oktober 2018 - 14:34

Forrester’s Michelle Beeson took to the stage at MagentoLive Europe on Wednesday to reveal the research company’s latest findings on digital transformation. Michelle’s research covers digital commerce and how technology impacts the way organizations engage with customers. Here are the five key takeaways from her keynote:

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am 10. Oktober 2018 - 6:28

We’re actively exploring ways to deepen our commitment to open source, both in what we use and in what we contribute

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Community-driven project with PayPal, HiConversion and 15 system integrators tackles the mCommerce gap

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Empowering Magento merchants to create high quality, consistent product content that drives engagement and maximizes conversions

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Addresses Merchants’ Biggest Payments Challenges: Improved Conversions, Cash Flow Management, and Fraud Guarantee.

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The latest release of the Magento platform makes available powerful new tools designed to enhance the developer experience.

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am 9. Oktober 2018 - 19:03

Empowering Merchants to Seamlessly acquire, engage, and convert customers across Amazon Marketplaces and the Google Network

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Latest release of Magento Commerce to deliver best-in-class B2C and B2B shopping experiences that accelerate sales

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Empowering Magento brands to drive growth through reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals

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This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Just Enough C for PHP. Earlier posts include Just Enough C for PHP, Just Enough C for PHP: Running C Programs, Just Enough C for PHP: Variables and Types, and Just Enough C for PHP: C Macros. This is the most recent post in the series. So far in this series we’ve written super simple programs, and we’ve compiled those programs directly using cc, gcc, or clang (some of which are just legacy aliases that point at the same system compiler) $ cc hello-world.c $ gcc hello-world.c $ clang hello-world.c […]
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am 7. Oktober 2018 - 9:37

A new release for the Magento 1 version is available. The new release provides the installer for the latest Magento versions.

We also added PHP 7.2 syntax check to the travis build pipeline to be prepared for the next Magento 1 release which will be read for PHP 7.2 out of the box.

Please note that we removed “mcrypt”  from list of required PHP modules. This is also needed to be prepared for PHP 7.2. If you are only using older PHP versions you can re-add the check by creating a .n98-magerun.yaml in your home directory with this content:

N98\Magento\Command\Installer\InstallCommand: installation: pre-check: php: extensions: - mcrypt

  • New: Magento (by Bono de Visser, #997)
  • New: Magento (by Joel Lupfer, #999)
  • New: dry-run flag for self-update command (port of M2 project)
  • Add openmage-lts to installable versions (by Daniel Fahlke, #1005)
  • Fix:…
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am 6. Oktober 2018 - 7:07

We now have a key team of Magento community members in place who will help lead and establish the new Association

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Get to know Kuba Zwolinski, founder and CEO of SNOWDOG eCommerce agency

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If you are reading this, the holidays are here. Like last year, expect every day in November to generate $1 billion in online sales. Email is a big piece of this billion-dollar pie. Last year, email drove 20% of website traffic during the seasons and accounted for nearly 25% of sales on Cyber Monday. While retailers prepare for the long holiday season, they often neglect some of the nuances that go into creating engaging and conversion-focused emails. With so much on the line, don’t let this happen to you. Here are four ways to create more engaging and effective holiday emails

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Contribute to any pull request or issue validation during October, and your work will count towards some swag

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am 30. September 2018 - 21:02
I’m still finding the PHP Internals Books to be a welcome breath of fresh air. Today is was their instructions on getting a working build enviornment for the PHP-SRC repo up and running. Straight forward, no nonsense instructions. There’s a bit of assuming you know your way around compiling things but that’s always going to be a struggle for software written in traditional languages. Why so many projects don’t include these sorts of documents as part of their source repo continues to be a 20+ year mystery for me.
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am 29. September 2018 - 2:18

The Magento Community Manager and mental health advocate talks about the increasing problem of “burnout” in tech—and what we can do about it.

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am 27. September 2018 - 18:47

New B2B data from Econsultancy and Magento

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am 27. September 2018 - 9:24

Most likely, at least once you faced the issue when customer session does not work except an account page etc. And usually, it’s not obvious why. Is it a bug? No, actually that is the case when it’s not a bug, it’s kind of feature.

Public and private content

Magento can distinguish between two types of content:

  • Public – public content is stored server-side in your reverse proxy cache storage;
  • Private – private content is stored client side and is specific to an individual customer.

There are the cacheable and non-cacheable pages. It’s pretty simple with non-cacheable pages. Such pages are not cacheable and can provide dynamically generated private content, unique for one user. The cacheable pages are being served by reverse proxies to more than one user. And it’s very important to avoid caching of the user-specific data on these pages.

Here is the cacheable page checklist:

  • The HTTP GET or…
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am 26. September 2018 - 12:07

This post is for you if you are a frontend developer working on Sylius eCommerce platform and you want to build a custom theme for your client. Sylius is mostly oriented towards backend developers and frontend part is only necessary to show what can be built on top of the platform. Frontend segments don’t come with much documentation or guidance, and what is available will help you with the kick start, but after that, you are on your own.

But wait, please, don’t be scared, this platform is actually very easy to use and modify once you master it. In the end you will be able to create anything what you or your client wants. In the very near feature in one of the next releases we are looking forward to seeing a new default theme for Sylius that has all out of the box functionalities which will show the true power of Sylius and what can be built on top of it.

In the meantime, read on…

Currently, the default theme…