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am 22. April 2019 - 20:29

One Step Checkout

All States Ag Parts wanted to enhance the checkout process by reducing the number of steps needed to submit an order. They also wanted to give users the option to edit their cart on the checkout page, a feature not supported by Magento natively. Classy Llama’s solution was a custom modified version of the Krish One-Step Checkout module styled to match the theme of All States Ag Parts’ website. This feature would place all necessary checkout steps on one page rather than many.

With one step checkout, customers can now check out as a guest or sign in with an existing account on the same page. The user may also reset their password from the checkout page. And, if the customer does not have an account, they can proceed to create one after submitting the…

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This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Just Enough C for PHP. Earlier posts include Just Enough C for PHP, Just Enough C for PHP: Running C Programs, Just Enough C for PHP: Variables and Types, and Just Enough C for PHP: C Macros. Later posts include Just Enough C for PHP: Make Basics. First, some business. It’s worth saying out loud that the Just Enough C for PHP Series is on hiatus. The idea for this series came from my starting a gig that involved a PHP extension. As I refreshed by C knowledge and learned […]
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"I’ve had the great privilege of helping guide Magento to where it is today."

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Expanding into new countries is a proven way to grow your business. By 2022, consumers shopping online with merchants outside their home country will account for 17.3% of all online spending, according to 451 Research.[1] And consumers everywhere are increasingly willing to choose a cross-border brand when they shop online.

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Share the commerce experiences that have wowed and inspired you over the past 12 months

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I’ve been doing more backend NodeJS programming recently and I was pleasantly surprised to discover something new about a programming language I’ve been using for for over 20 years. Although, to be fair, the callback syntax I was asking about callSomeFunction(function heyLookANameForMyFunction(){ }); wasn’t valid in every browser for much of those 20 years. Also, I wasn’t ready for how pleasant it would be writing javascript and not having to worry about every browser invented since time immemorial. Something something old dog, tricks, etc.
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Downtime No More

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Wie Magento mitgeteilt hat wird der Bestsellerautor und CEO von VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk, vom 13. bis 15. Mai 2019 in Las Vegas live auf der Imagine 2019 die Keynote halten. Vom Spirituosenladen zum Wein-Imperium Gary Vaynerchuk wurde Ende der 90er Jahre bekannt nachdem er den lokalen Spirituosenladen seines Vaters „Shoppers Discount Liquors“ erfolgreich in eine […]

Der Beitrag Gary Vaynerchuk als Keynote Speaker auf der Imagine 2019 erschien zuerst auf

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You’re going to Vegas, baby!

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73 percent of consumers want order tracking across all touchpoints but only 7 percent of retailers can deliver it. Learn what customers want most from omnichannel retail brands, then use this information to help your eCommerce site excel.

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Last month we received an invitation by our friends of Atwix to attend their Barcamp in Lviv/Ukraine. My colleague Oleksandr and me were happy to join it. Oleksandr was the perfect mate, because he was grown up in Ukraine and so he knows everything about the traditions and local specialities.

Our journey started in Frankfurt. After a stopover in Munich we arrived on site with enough energy to explore the beautiful city of Lviv.
Oleksandr introduced me to the local delicacies like Borsch (Борщ), Blini (млинці) with Cherry and Varenyky (вареники).

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Getting to Know Jonathan Hodges

How long have you worked at Classy Llama?
As of March 16th, I’ve worked here for nine years.

How did you end up at Classy Llama?
I was going to school at Evangel University, and my professor told me about the position. I saw Classy Llama’s website, and they said they pretty much do Magento exclusively. I had just finished a freelance project on Magento a few months prior. I called them up and told them I had a little bit of experience. They brought me in for an interview and hired me a couple weeks later.

What was it like working on Magento at this time?
It was really brutal. This was 2010, and it came out in 2008. It didn’t hit mainstream until about 2010. When I…

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We are delighted to announce the finalists for the 2019 Imagine Excellence Awards

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We are excited to announce that best-selling author and CEO of VaynerMedia Gary Vaynerchuk will appear live at Imagine 2019, on May 13-15 in Las Vegas.

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Ha, mal wieder was Interessantes: Man kennt es von Magento 1 und auch von Magento 2. Möchte man ein Konfigurierbares Produkt und erst anschließend die Einfachen Produkte direkt über das KP erstellen, geht dies angenehm und leicht. Ab Magento 2.3 gibt es hier aber etwas zu beachten: Vergisst man bei der Erstellung ein Produktgewicht zu...
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This article is part of our ongoing Mobile Optimization Initiative series designed to help Magento merchants close the mobile revenue gap.

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am 1. April 2019 - 14:09

A new compatibility release is published. Please upgrade with “self-update” command if you face Composer Autoloader problems.

  • Fix for Composer autoloader / Magento 2.2.8 (thanks mystix, Rick Schippers)
  • Fix #442: Non standard conform strings in config.yaml (by Tom Klingenberg, thanks Paul Canning)
  • Fix #440: Add phar wrapper for Magento 2.3.1 compatibility (by Christian Münch)
  • Fix #441: make OSX compatible (by Keith Bentrup)
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am 1. April 2019 - 13:12
This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Sylius for Magento and PHP Developers. Earlier posts include Five First Impressions of the Sylius eCommerce System, Symfony's Service Container, Symfony: Autowiring Services, A Brief Look at Every Symfony Service Configuration, and Symfony Routes and Stand Alone Controllers. This is the most recent post in the series. Similar to what we did for services, this article will briefly cover every possible configuration field in a Symfony routing file. We’ve broken things down into four categories: Basic Routing, Advanced Routing, Route Loading, and “The Weird Ones” Most of this information is […]
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We’re happy to announce the pending rollout of the greatest ever cart abandonment solution for your Magento stores, BrexitCart.

Exhaustive testing conducted in controlled environment saw a staggering 96,4% drop in cart and checkout abandonment rates across all desktop and mobile sessions combined. This means in 27 out of 28 cases the customers REMAINed throughout the entire cart and checkout process, with only 1 out of 28 eventually deciding to LEAVE.

Check out the details below.

How does it work?

It essentially makes your website visitors reconsider their decision on exiting the cart and checkout process by forcing them to answer a series of questions. They are thus made to give their votes on certain options (mini-referendums if you wish), before finally allowing them to leave the session.

The questions are generated using a hybrid ML-NLP (Machine Learning – Natural Language Processing) concept,…

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Vergangenen Dienstag hat Magento neue Versionen von Magento Commerce und Open Source veröffentlicht, um die Sicherheit, Leistung und Funktionalität zu erhöhen. Die Updates sollten, nein müssen, schnellstmöglich eingespielt werden. Neue Magento Versionen Im Folgenden sind das: Magento Commerce und Open Source 2.3.1 Magento Commerce und Open Source 2.2.8 Magento Commerce und Open Source 2.1.17 – […]

Der Beitrag Magento Commerce und Open Source Updates veröffentlicht erschien zuerst auf