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am 18. Juni 2019 - 1:13

A select number of innovations from this round will have the opportunity to present their solution LIVE on the keynote stage

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am 17. Juni 2019 - 13:17
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Javascript for PHP Programmers. This is the first post in the series. I put it off for as long as I could, but “modern” javascript finally caught up with me. I’ve been working with a NodeJS codebase that uses asynchronous programming patterns, and I’ve had to relearn a lot of the basic techniques I use to understand what-the-heck an application/program is doing. I realize these are debates and conversations the javascript communities have been having for nearly a decade, but I’m not writing for them. I’m writing for me, and […]
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am 15. Juni 2019 - 7:54

Dass Magento 1 und auch Magento 2 keine umfangreiche CMS-Funktionalität besitzen, war über lange Zeit ein Wermutstropfen. Schließlich wird sinnvoller, umfangreicher und ansprechend gestalteter Content immer wichtiger. Viele sprechen deswegen schon von „Content Commerce“. Mit Magento 2.3.1 besserte Magento nach und veröffentlichte das Modul „Page Builder“ (siehe auch „Neue Features in Magento 2.3„).

Es bietet eine Funktionalität, wie man sie aus anderen CMS wie TYPO3 oder WordPress mit dem Gutenberg-Editor kennt: der Inhalt einer Website kann aus Blöcken wie Überschriften, Texten und Listen, Produkt-Widgets und vielen mehr zusammengebaut werden.

Der Wermutstropfen: momentan ist das Modul nur für die lizenzkostenpflichtige Version…

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Back when I still had some hope Magento 2 would be the same sort of open-source-for-everyone platform that Magento 1 was, and I was working my way through writing the Magento 2 for PHP MVC Developers series, I was simultaneously developing pestle, my command line tool for generating Magento 2 modules. As time went on I realized the Magento specific commands were buried in pestle’s UI, so I started breaking them out into their own namespace # old command name format pestle.phar command-name # new command name format magento2:command-name magento2:generate:command-name Unfortunately, these command names didn’t match my original articles, and […]
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One day after the release of n98-magerun1 we publish a bug fix release for n98-magerun2.

  • Fix: db:dump returns exit code 0 on fail (by Christian Münch)
  • Fix #458 – Password dialog is hidden


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Are your optimizing for conversions? How do you measure the impact of UX design and incremental changes on an eCommerce website? What are the key metrics (KPIs) you should track to effectively monitor your website’s performance?

Is there a one-size-fits-all type of a report that can give you good enough clues on just how successful are all the efforts you (or an agency you are working with) are putting in? To see the results your optimization efforts brought in?

Here is a really good solution we’re introducing in working with our clients. An eCommerce UX Scorecard – check it out!

Many businesses struggle with making sense of all the data they can gather about their customers. Yes, you can easily get overwhelmed when you consider the sheer volume of what you have access to. Aggregated data and trends via Analytics, individual session recordings via HotJar, various BI tools, on-site surveys you…

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am 9. Juni 2019 - 14:07

A new release for the Magento 1 version of n98-magerun is available.

  • Add connection option for db:dump command (by Igor Mursa)
  • New: Removed support for PHP < 5.4
  • Imp: Hide password in interactive mode (reported by Simon Sprankel)
  • Imp: Phpstorm meta files compatibility for latest PhpStorm (by Sven Reichel)
  • Fix: Updated twig (security)
  • Fix: db:dump returns exit code 0 on fail (by Christian Münch)
  • Fix: Documentation about script command (by Hardy Johnson)
  • Fix: Readme formatting (by Danila Vershini)
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This year Magento Imagine conference was amazing, around 3,500 people from around the world attended the event which was held at Wynn, Las Vegas. I met many people whom I […]

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Whenever a company releases something that’s crazy expensive (like Apple’s new starting-at $6,000 MacPro, $5,000 monitor, and $1,000 monitor stand), I think of this almost 30 year old marketing strategy video from Steve Jobs recoded during his NeXT computer days. This was one of those of those random videos that changed how I thought about the business of software and computers. Before this video I assumed that companies were trying to build the best general purpose thing they could to sell to the most people possible. After I saw this video (and ten years of running my own modestly successfully […]
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am 6. Juni 2019 - 13:07
The Portland Business journal has a short story on the local (Portland, OR) Treehouse layoffs. This quote jumped out at me. However, [Ryan] Carson said the company has learned that the $25-a-month product is not “the most effective way to empower people to get jobs in tech in the future.” Which — doesn’t surprise me. Developing this sort of content is expensive and you’re competing with a lot of individuals giving things away for free or running solo-entrepreneur businesses. There’s also no reason for folks to stay subscribed for long once they’ve landed that job. (I’ll spare you my side-eye […]
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2009 bis 2019: Die Meet Magento DE findet das zehnte Jahr in Folge statt und richtet sich auch in diesem Jahr an alle Magento-Interessierten. Anhand des veröffentlichten Vortragsprogramms habe ich mir meinen eigene Fahrplan erstellt. Meet Magento Vorttagsprogramm Erst kürzlich wurde das Vortragsprogramm der Meet Magento DE 2019 veröffentlicht. Über 50 Speaker werden das diesjährige […]

Der Beitrag Meet Magento 2019: Mein Vortrags-Fahrplan erschien zuerst auf

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am 31. Mai 2019 - 17:09

A new bugfix release is in the wild.



– Fix: #439: Add 2fa tables (by Peter Jaap)
– Fix: #453: Fix completely exclude tables with –exclude command (by Arnoud Beekman)
– Fix: #459: Update readme – Script command documentation fix (by Hardy Johnson)
– Fix: #460: Typo: unkown -> unknown (by Alexander Menk)
– Fix: #461: update twig/twig to version later than 1.37.1 (by wb-lime)


– Fix #450: command sys:setup:compare-versions returns errors on a lot of core modules (thanks Emanuele Gian)

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am 30. Mai 2019 - 14:20

Magento 2.3.2 wurde Dienstag, den 25. Juni 2019 veröffentlicht.

Im Zentrum des Updates stehen 75 behobene Sicherheitsprobleme, aber auch über 200 funktionale Bugfixes und kleine Verbesserungen sowie 350 verarbeitete Community-Pull-Requests.

Richtig große Features bietet dieses Release nicht.

Alle Details finden Sie in den Release-Notes für Open Source und Commerce.

  • Verbesserungen in der Accessibility des Shop-Frontends

Über zwei neue Optionen „Enable Address Search“ und „Number of Customer Addresses Limit“ kann man konfigurieren, dass KundInnen mit vielen Rechnungs- oder Versand-Adressen eine Suche statt der klassischen Adress-Auswahl angeboten wird.

Ist die…

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We have been named Top Magento Developers in 2019 by Clutch, an independent review and ratings company. While this is a great honour, it is also a recognition of the hard work all of our teams have been putting in.

And it feels great to be acknowledged, especially since the biggest weight in Clutch rankings comes from unbiased interviews with our clients, conducted by Clutch team.

Take a look at how Clutch works and what our clients shared about working with us.

Reviews and ratings impact on purchase decisions

Product reviews have a huge impact on purchase decision for online buyers. And the same goes for choosing your business partner, be that a design, development or digital marketing agency. If you’re looking, you will likely go beyond what…

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Highlights from another amazing event

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One of the challenges in learning PHP’s C based internal APIs is finding clear and clean examples to learn from. The C extensions that ship with PHP and pecl are old, often worked on over the years by multiple engineers with no single coding style, and contain all sorts of — let’s call it pragmatic and clever macro BS — that keeps things working across multiple major versions of the PHP engine and the multiple operating systems that PHP supports. Perhaps that’s all old C programs — but irrespective of best practices, the code that ships with PHP isn’t the […]
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Five Key Ways to Increase the Customer-Generated Content on Your eCommerce Site

It’s easy to let your eCommerce site’s strategy around Customer-Generated Content (CGC) fall from your list of top priorities. But there are some great reasons why you shouldn’t.

Our research shows that more than 75% of shoppers were less likely to buy something from a website that lacked Customer-Generated Content like five-star ratings and reviews. Just about the same number of shoppers said high-quality ratings and reviews, customer Q&A and product photos were at least somewhat influential in their purchase decisions.

A constant stream of product reviews is also helpful for search engine optimization (SEO). The…

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For Magento 1 users considering a move to Magento 2, this overview provides guidance on functionality, expected costs, and timelines to help you decide how to approach your migration off of Magento 1 and when you should kickoff the project (hint: sooner than later).

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More Sites, Same Staff, Less Maintenance

When Gardner acquired a large competitor with many sites, they found themselves split between two dated platforms. With more than 1.8 million SKUs across 30+ B2C and B2B websites, they needed a partner that could handle unifying their massive catalogs and lead them through a major platform upgrade.

Gardner chose Classy Llama because they wanted a partner with experience in complex development and migrations. Based on Gardner’s experience with the Magento 1, they decided to have Classy Llama unify their websites on Magento 2, a platform that could handle both B2B and B2C selling equally well.

Since completing the project, Gardner’s marketing team can now launch new B2C and B2B websites without any server configuration or development changes. Inventory…

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I’m working my way through the TypeScript manual and pleasantly surprised to find really good tech writing. So far it’s clearly written and follows the “introduce a concept, here’s some code to backup that concept, talk about the concept again to reenforce” pattern I prefer in my own writing. The tone also does a delightful job of hiding most, but not all, of the TypeScript team’s eye rolling at some of the less robust parts of according-to-spec javascript. It also touches on two personal points in my own career — back in 2006 I did a short contract stint at […]