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Magento merchant uses HiConversion and PayPal to increase their conversion rate

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) presents the “backbone” of your business and powerful software system designed to integrate and unify the main functional areas of your organization. The benefits of ERP and eCommerce integration are immense when the process is done the right way. What should companies keep in mind when planning the integration of two key systems in their business operations – ERP and eCommerce platform?

Although ERP implementation inevitably brings high upfront costs, the standardization of business processes, improvement of the supply chain management and automation of data collection will definitely bring more advantages to your business operations. Having all of this data unified, visible and easily accessible means that not only you will be able to get the job done more efficiently, but it will also make you align your offline and online processes.

Many eCommerce organizations use some kind of ERP system to support their business needs…

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TL,DR; Ich war bei der Konferenz MageTitans in Manchester. Es war super.

Am letzten Freitag bin ich nach Manchester geflogen, um an der Konferenz MageTitans Manchester teilzunehmen. MageTitans ist ein jährlich stattfindendes Event für Entwickler. Hinter dieser Veranstaltung stehen die Mitarbeiter der in Manchester ansässigen Firma Space 48 sowie einer unabhängigen Organisation namens Manchester Digital.

MageTitans gibt es nun schon seit einigen Jahren, wobei diese Veranstaltungsreihe berühmt geworden ist für das exzellente inhaltliche Angebot in den Vorträgen. Auch wenn die Ableger in Mailand, Valencia, Texas, Mexiko und den Niederlanden alle samt sehenswert sind, geht doch nichts über das Original aus Manchester. Aus diesem Grund war ich ganz besonders glücklich, als ich die Chance bekam, in die…

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AB InBev makes 500 of the most famous beer brands on the planet. When they needed a B2B platform, they chose the most versatile name in Commerce.

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Here's a closer look at the innovations and the awesome new opportunities they bring to digital commerce

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In my longer introduction to PHP generators we didn’t talk much about a generator’s “key” values. In other words — when presented with code like this function someGeneratorFunction() { yield 'foo'; yield 'baz'; yield 'bar'; } $generator = someGeneratorFunction(); foreach($generator as $key=>$value) { echo $key,"\n"; } What will the value of $key be? For the above code, the answer is pretty simple — the $key will be an integer that counts up. The first time we ask for a value from the generator (foo) the key will be 0. The second time we ask for a value (baz) the value […]
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Magento provides the Cart Price Rules marketing feature, which allows applying discounts to items in the shopping cart, based on a set of conditions. The discount can be applied automatically as soon as the conditions are met, or when the customer enters a valid coupon code. The coupon codes can be generated per cart price rule via admin panel in Marketing -> Cart Price Rulessection. However, sometimes we need to automate this process. Let’s find out how to create a cart price rule and generate coupon codes programmatically in Magento 2.

First of all, we create a service class intended to generate coupon codes using the default coupon generator (\Magento\SalesRule\Model\CouponGenerator). This service can be reused in future in case we want to generate the coupon codes by a scheduled CRON job. Or we can even additionally…

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With holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get some experiments set up to capture more mobile sales.  

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Lessons learned from the ghosts of holiday emails past

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Despite maintaining an open source version of their code base, there were a lot of things about a pre-Adobe Magento that gave a lot us in the open source world cause for — not alarm exactly — but some heavy side-eye. One of those was Magento’s approach to composer. On one hand — huzzah! Composer support! On the other hand — Magento distributes code via their own opaque, credentials required, composer repository. This has a few downsides. First, unlike packagist based packages, there’s no way to quickly know that the packages you get from Magento’s repository match what’s available in […]
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It should go without saying, but social media (especially in recent years) is a powerful tool that both individual entrepreneurs and businesses can use to their advantage. In fact, Americans can spend up to three times more time on social media as opposed to reading their email. More precisely, online users spend 7.6% of their ...

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Would you like to help oversee the community program?

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Generators landed back in PHP 5.5 and I’ve mostly ignored them. I had a vague understanding that they were a feature that allowed you to build iterators that didn’t require loading up a huge data structure with all your information. This also seemed to be the gist of most online generator tutorials. So, in the practical world of business programming where jamming everything into a giant PHP array is usually good enough, there wasn’t much of a need to understand generators. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that generators are actually an alternative to linear code flow. Or maybe […]
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Are you Measuring and Improving Yours?

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I did another quick survey of what’s state of the art for PHP and Amazon’s Lambda (i.e. Serverless, i.e. Amazon will run a function for you in the cloud that can respond to HTTP requests and interact with Amazon’s various services, getting you out of the sys-admin business). One project I see cropping up in my various feeds is Bref. I wondered how they solved the whole “Amazon doesn’t support PHP in Lambda” thing. To run PHP we must add the PHP binary in the lambda and have, for example, Javascript execute it. Heavy that’s the most PHP thing I’ve […]
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I bet you are working on an ecommerce company, right? That’s why you are finding a factory to work with. Alibaba is the largest online marketplace of manufacturers in the world and it’s a great starting point for you to begin your search for suppliers. What many merchants don’t realize though, is that the manufacturers listed on Alibaba aren’t ...

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Insights from a Magento Community Initiative

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Don’t let out-of-stocks, overstocks, and preventable returns ruin your peak season performance.

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In diesem Jahr hat Adobe zum ersten Mal zur Magento Live Europe 2018 in Barcelona eingeladen. Dieser Einladung bin ich gefolgt und möchte an dieser Stelle einen kurzen Abriss über die wichtigsten Themen geben, die während der Konferenz diskutiert wurden. Ich war primär auf der Magento Live Europe, um mir ein Bild von der Zukunft Magentos zu machen, hat doch die Übernahme von Adobe stark an der Strategie und zukünftigen Ausrichtung von Magento gerüttelt. Oder um es mit klaren Worten zu sagen: Das gesamte Magento Universum weiß aktuell nicht, wohin die Reise mit Adobe geht. Und auch wenn keine Panik herrscht, so gibt es doch sehr viele Fragezeichen. Genau um diese Fragezeichen ging es bei meinem Besuch in Barcelona.

Magento 2.3 kommt Ende 2018 / Anfang 2019

Fast beiläufig wurde ein halbwegs genaues Veröffentlichungsdatum für Magento 2.3 verkündet. Bei der nächsten Version von Magento handelt es sich um die logische Weiterentwicklung des Shopsystems, die aber meiner Meinung…